Nélia Gouveia

Nélia Gouveia

NOVA CRU Manager

Nélia Gouveia is pharmacist since 2003, Master of Sciences in Drug Technologies since 2010, and has the Phd title in Clinical Research since 2016.

She has dedicated the last years to clinical research, and currently, she is Investigator Assistant in NOVA Chronic Diseases Research Center (Lisbon, Portugal).

Since March 2011 to March 2016, Nélia Gouveia was study manager of EpiReumaPt (Portuguese Epidemiological Study of Rheumatic Diseases), which was awarded with Grande Prémio Bial da Medicina, in April 2017.

Her PhD thesis was about The burden of Low Back Pain in adult Portuguese population: a population-based study under the scope of EpiReumaPt. This research work had 3 distinctions: Prémio Grunenthal Dor 2015, Menção Honrosa do Prémio Grunenthal Dor 2014 (Fundação Grunenthal) e Menção Honrosa do Prémio Professora Doutora Odette Santos-Ferreira (Ordem dos Farmacêuticos).

Nelia Gouveia is also author of scientific articles in national and international publications.

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